Design Spotlight – Studio Apartment with Shoji Doors

This monthly feature is dedicated to sharing customer’s designs for their own Zen-inspired living space. Each month we will showcase submissions to show you what a customer has been able to do with their space. We want to share the visionary ideas that turned their space into the perfect combination of style, texture and design. This month we present a New York studio apartment that used shoji doors to define space while maintaining a warm, distinctive feeling that highlights the essence of Japanese design – less is more.

Before and After Photos

Brian describes what inspired his space: “I have always preferred simple, functional designs. The Japanese and Scandinavians, too, seem to have perfected this style where less is more. To me, it has a calming influence. When there is too much going on in a room–especially when it is a small space–it is like noise: distracting and irritating. The shoji screen, unlike a fixed wall or divider, can be open or closed depending on one’s needs. But even when closed, by permitting the passage of light, the screen suggests something permeable: a passage not only in or out, but through. It therefore helps to make the space appear larger than it really is. And its simplicity helps one be in the moment rather than be drawn away by curlicues and arabesques”.

We extend a special thank you to our customer, Brian for sharing his insights and design.

If you would like to share your Zen-inspired space with us, send us your photos and a short description of what inspired you to create your space. If your entry is used, we will send you a nice gift as our appreciation for sharing your idea. We look forward to seeing your space!

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