Divide your Space without shrinking it – Try a Low Panel Shoji Screen

Low Profile Shoji Screen Room Divider

Low Profile Shoji Screen Room Divider

For many years, the solution to small-space living has been to get a Shoji screen room divider and make the room into a “multi-purpose” space.  This is an excellent idea for city dwellers who are trying to fit a bedroom, an office, a living room, and a kitchen into one studio apartment.  But one problem I’ve always had with room dividers is their tendency to make a space look smaller.  That’s why I was so struck by this simple innovation – a low-profile, 4-panel shoji screen.

This is one of those times when I can be found scratching my head and saying, “Why didn’t I think of this?”  Maybe I’m just not “Zen” enough.  The important thing is, somebody thought of it.

Now, with this Zen black hardwood Shoji Screen, you can still divide your room without dividing your “space.”  This is the type of room divider screen one might use to hide a desk or computer table, with all the wires and printer cords, while allowing the person sitting at the desk to converse with other people in the room.  It is also a great way to hide a pet’s crate, a set of dumbbells, or a private meditation space without totally cutting that part of the room off from the whole.  Many apartment dwellers use several of these low-slung Shoji screens to hide the bottom portion of tall windows.

At 48” tall, these 4-paneled Shoji screens extend to 68” wide when fully extended.  Each panel measures 17” wide by 48” tall.  On the bottom of each screen is a sturdy kickboard, and the top panels are beautifully styled.  Think like an interior designers and think of all the ways you could use a low-profile Shoji screen in your home, office or retail space.

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