Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Add Japanese Water Fountains to Your Garden

japanese water fountains + garden + outdoorsNo matter where you live in the United States, it seems like spring is starting a little earlier this year.  As a result, homeowners are starting to look outdoors for weekend projects and thinking about the condition of their garden.  Once you clear out the leaves and weeds, why not consider something to make your garden more inviting?  Japanese water fountains make the perfect focal point and they help you enjoy your garden even more. Adding a fountain to your garden gives it the added dimensions of movement and sound.

Even if your garden isn’t large enough to sit in, Japanese water fountains can bring the feeling of your garden into a sunroom or enclosed patio.  Most of the fountains on sale today are made for indoor use because the motors require electricity.  Attractive enough to stand on their own, they also coordinate well with Bonsai trees, Ikebana vases and Buddha statues.  These Zen design elements are surprisingly simple and easy to find at Chopa.com.

Japanese water fountains make it possible to add a beautiful touch of nature to your home surroundings, no matter what the season.  It is amazing how a room that includes a fountain can instantly change the mood of everyone who enters it.  Japanese Zen garden elements like these bring a bit of the outdoors into any room of the house, from sunrooms to sacred spaces.  With attractive water fountains like these, it is surprisingly simple to make your home into a peaceful retreat while complementing your existing decor.

The Japanese water fountains from Chopa are compact and easy to set up.  A quiet pump keeps them running smoothly so all you hear is the soothing sounds of cascading water as it rushes down a faux stone waterfall. Add a sophisticated Shinto lighted table lamp and you have the perfect finishing touch for a Zen-inspired room and the lamp fits nicely on a tabletop. This makes the room visually stunning by giving it a soft glow. This style of decorating is reminiscent of Shinto principles, an ancient Japanese religion that was a mix of shamanism, nature worship, and fertility cults.

Small Japanese Zen Gardens are one of the best ways to enhance your home décor with the elements of Japanese style. Japanese Zen water fountains, Buddha statues, Ikebana arrangements and Japanese prints will go a long way toward transforming your home into a restful oasis.

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