Experience the Magic of the Tibetan Basin Singing Bowl

Tibetan Basin - Fish Pattern

Tibetan Basin - Fish Pattern

There is something about the greenish-blue patina of this Tibetan brass singing bowl that makes it a very attractive piece for the garden or patio.  Maybe it is the engraved dancing Koi (carp) fish shown swimming against a strong current that makes this bowl so alluring; or perhaps it is the music it makes.

In Western cultures, it is a little unusual to find a brass bowl that “sings”, but the magic of the Tibetan basin is quite common in the East.  Just fill the basin with water halfway, rub the handles of the bowl lightly and listen.  The ensuing tones and reverberations will make the water splash up in the middle, and legend has it that the higher the water goes, the longer your life will be.   Similar to traditional singing bowls, Tibetan basins are also used for healing ceremonies and attunements.

Once you see the magic behind it, this Tibetan brass basin will become a “must-have”.  Even if you are not into superstition or making music, this handsome bowl makes an interesting piece to display on your outdoor table or patio. It is exquisitely crafted and replete with Japanese symbolism that exhibits a spirit of perseverance.

Whenever one sees two koi swimming upstream, as shown here, it brings to mind a spirit of perseverance, excellence and high ambitions.  Carp have also been known to bring scholastic luck and they are a symbol of intrinsic harmony in a marriage.  In China, the fish is often associated with wealth, success and an abundance of good fortune.

Each Tibetan basin is hand crafted and measures 8 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ and 3 1/2″ tall. Brass handles compliment the design.  Makes a unique gift for Mother’s Day!  You can click the following link to buy the Tibetan Basin singing bowl is hand cast in a greenish-blue Patina brass.

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