Five Reasons to Buy Japanese Shoji Screens

shoji screens japanese buyUnless you are an interior decorator, chances are you rarely think about ways to divide up a space or create “flow” in your rooms.  But there are some very good reasons why interior designers, retail businesses and homeowners love to buy Japanese shoji screens, and most of them are quite practical. 

Instead of looking at these multi-paneled room dividers as just a “decoration” for your rooms, think like a designer and look at them as a secret weapon.  Think about it; what other piece of décor can you buy that is simultaneously an extra wall, a window covering, a piece of art, and a space divider? 

Here are some of the most practical reasons why shoji screens are some of the most common items purchased by Japanese households:

  1. Hiding an unsightly window, or an unfinished project: Let’s face it; no room is perfect, and there’s always something we wish we could hide from view.  It could be a window that has a clear view of a dumpster or an unfinished project that’s been piled up in the corner.  Perhaps you’ve been meaning to finish touching up the paint but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Simply position your shoji screen right in front of it, and “Voila”, your room looks pulled-together immediately.
  2. Buy Japanese shoji screens to replace a headboard:  Buying a whole new bedroom set may not be in the cards, but who couldn’t use a brand new headboard?  The soft, natural look of shoji screens dress up any bedroom, and can be paired with shoji table lamps and bamboo curtains for a contemporary Zen-inspired look.
  3. Use Japanese shoji screens in an enclosed patio space: Here’s a concept you probably never considered – buy Japanese shoji screens as an accent piece for your enclosed deck or sunroom, to hide an unsightly brick wall or as a backdrop behind a grouping of plants.
  4. Shoji Screens for your home office: Not every home has enough space for a separate home office area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one.  Simply buy some black and white folding screens and build your own office walls to keep your office separated from the rest of your living space.
  5. Buy shoji screens for a privacy screen:  When space is tight, Japanese shoji screens to separate a sleeping area from a living area, or a bedroom from a dining area, effortlessly turning a studio or loft apartment into a cozy and efficient space.

Even if none of these reasons are right for you, buy Japanese shoji screens to give your home that decorator’s touch.  For a complete selection of high-quality, affordable shoji screens, shop today.

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