How Can Japanese Style Decor Make Your Home Look Larger?

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Perhaps the Japanese have a natural affinity toward innovative ergonomics, but it’s evident that they value the use of space in design.  Whether it’s the interior of a Japanese automobile or the layout of a meditative space, it is clear that the Japanese aesthetic is a mastery of both function and form.  Still, designers from around the world are often awed by the utter simplicity of Japanese style furniture, the placement of which seems to let a room “breathe” more freely.

The secret behind Japanese decor

It’s really a simple formula.  Take some spare and contemporary furnishings made from organic materials, drop them into a neutral setting, and add some interesting focal points like Buddha statues, Bonsai trees and woodcut prints.  Finish it off with some neutral fibers and soft rice-paper lanterns, and “Voila,” you have a room that exudes relaxation.   As easy as this sounds, it can be very difficult for Americans to fully embrace the simplicity of Japanese design.

American homeowners are creatures of habit.  They rarely go into a furniture store looking for minimalist décor.  Rather, they seek out the biggest recliners, largest TVs, and longest dining room tables. But when they walk into a hotel lobby or designer show house, they marvel at its spacious simplicity.

Start slow and work your way up

If you haven’t purchased any Japanese or Zen furnishings in the past, the best place to get started is in the bedroom.  Not only are there plenty of choices for unique and contemporary bedroom furnishings, this is also the one spot in your home that should be a relaxing oasis.  You may already be familiar with futons and platform beds, and these form the foundation of a Japanese style bedroom.  Take it a step further by adding simple, matching dressers and nightstands, Ginza table lamps and a shoji screen.  Before you know it the room will become a restful Zen oasis.  In addition to Japanese style furniture, why not add an ikebana vase, Sumi calligraphy print or tatami mats?

The net effect of Japanese décor – a larger looking home

Can Japanese style décor change the dimensions of your home? It is doubtful, but one thing is certain; the room will seem larger.  Using simple and low-profile designs, a Zen bedroom or living room will appear to be much bigger than most traditional rooms, primarily because it is not overstuffed with “stuff.”  When your home is less cluttered and more restful, prospective buyers can picture themselves living there.

Consider adding a Zen bedroom, sitting room or meditation space in your home and decorating it with Japanese style furniture.  Then shop for the best selection on home accessories and Zen decor items at

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