How to Achieve that “Perfect Inner Silence” in Meditation

buckwheat hull pillowCountless people have attempted to make meditation a part of their daily routines, but few people actually achieve this. Why is it that some people find it so easy to silence the inner “chatter?” Meditation requires inner silence, but in our multitasking world it can be nearly impossible to get there.

What do the experts recommend?

Focusing on a physical or mental prop can help silence an active mind, but it can be difficult to sustain this state of being. As someone who has practiced meditation regularly for a few decades, I am often asked for advice from people who are just starting out. There is no doubt it can be frustrating when the mind will just not shut off.

Don’t judge yourself so harshly if your journey is slightly different than what is defined in all the meditation books you’ve read. Everyone can meditate, and everyone can develop the mental discipline needed to achieve a total state of serenity. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way. With time and consistent practice, one finds that brief moments of silence between thoughts will expand into longer and longer segments. Ultimately this leads to longer, deep stretches of inner silence.

The importance of meditation cushions, music and other “props”

If you stay current with the latest meditation trends, you may be aware of some of the popular props that are available. These include floor cushions, meditation timers, Zafu meditation mats, meditation music and incense. While not all of these are necessary for prolonged periods of deep meditation, the one essential is a meditation pillow. Not that you couldn’t use a floor cushion that you already own, but if it isn’t designed for meditation it probably won’t work. The traditional “Zafu” is a rectangular pillow that is versatile enough to be used for yoga, meditation, sitting or reclining. The most important quality of a good Zafu is how supportive and how durable it is.

Shop for Zafu meditation pillows that are made with organic buckwheat hulls, or look for one with a convenient carrying handle. Many of the better Zafus are made from a durable cotton blend fabric with batik print inlays and a removable cover for cleaning.

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