Japanese Woodcut Images Inspire the Imagination, and Beautiful Bamboo Necklaces!

The Lake Bamboo Pendant

Have you ever found yourself so stressed out that you need to visualize a peaceful place and take a brief mental vacation?  Perhaps the picture in your mind looked a lot like this idyllic mountain lake, depicted in this 18th century woodcut image on a bamboo necklace.

The beauty of these hand-crafted bamboo pendants is how terrific they look with any ensemble.  Many women like them so much that they start a collection of these Japanese-inspired pieces.  Each image has its own color scheme, and will speak to you in a unique way. Other popular images include Japanese Geishas, Hokusai’s “The Wave”, serene beach scenes, hummingbird prints, floral bouquets, sunsets and other classic scenes from 18th century Japanese artists.

When these colorful prints began to reach Europe in the 1860’s, they soon became a very fashionable collectors’ item for the wealthy and influential.  Their influence was seen in the paintings of many notable Western artists, including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edouard Manet, Felix Vallotton and Edgar Degas, in a graphic trend that was soon dubbed “Le Japonisme”.  Not only did this movement influence painting, it soon led to a revival of woodcut as a medium for painters and illustrators.

The Lake Bamboo Pendant is crafted from sustainable bamboo, with a crystal blue mountain lake and Mt. Fuji receding in the distance.  This stunning Japanese woodcut print is bordered with patterned chiyogami paper, which picks up the colors of the print and adds to the beauty of this bamboo necklace.  Artists transfer the completed image onto a bamboo tile.  Tube beads made from metallic-flecked handmade paper are added to the top and bottom, and a small bead dangles below for added movement.  Each piece is hand-signed by the artist.

Each bamboo pendant measures 2 1/4” tall and 1” wide, and is triple coated with a UV-resistant sealer for moisture resistance and durability.  Strung on a black cotton cord, it comes with an adjustable-length sliding bead clasp that adjusts to any size up to 24”.  These stunning pendants make an excellent gift!

Buy the Lake Bamboo Pendant hand signed by the artist on the natural bamboo back in the Chopa Zen Home and Garden online store.

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