Keep Your Own Rhythm with Mediation Gongs and Chimes

bronze chau gongAs more people embrace the healing benefits of meditation, they learn that some “accessories” are essential to this practice.  While it’s certainly possible to sit on a mat in your living room and meditate, many people find it nearly impossible without a proper cushion and a meditation gong or chime. 

What is a meditation gong?  For centuries, practitioners of yoga, Zen Buddhism and New Age philosophies have included a period of quiet meditation in their daily routines.  Whether it’s a Tibetan singing bowl, a Feng Shui wind chime or a tingsha, the resonant sound of these instruments has been used to stimulate the mind or inspire calmness.  In most cases, the gong of a chime is the primary tool for starting and ending a meditation session.  With practice, one can learn to enter a deep state of meditation simply by hearing the sound. 

In this article, we’ll explore a few of the most popular chimes and gongs available at, but this is just a fraction of their extensive selection.  What is particularly exciting about this collection is how their usefulness extends beyond sound to become a cherished decorative element. 

Here is a sampling of our most popular chimes and gongs:

Feng Shui Windchime  – this chime is artfully designed to achieve the perfect balance between soothing sound and aesthetics.  In Asian societies, Feng Shui wind chimes are believed to bring prosperity, health and good fortune to their owners while breaking up any negative energy in the home.  Hollow tubes are believed to inspire the circulation of healthy chi energy throughout the home, with multiple tubes symbolizing good luck for children.   This chime uses silver anodized aluminum which is detailed with black-finished ash and a gemstone accent.  A “windcatcher” is silkscreened with various calligraphy symbols on the front and a Feng Shui bamboo design on the back.

Zenergy Chakra Chime – Did you know the sound vibrations of a Zenergy chime can tune up your chakras?   Each of the seven  rods of the Zenergy Chakra Chime is tuned to the related frequency of a different chakra. By tapping a single rod with the mallet provided and focusing all of your thoughts on that single tone, the flow of good energy is promoted within your body.  Ancient Hindu beliefs indicate that the secret of happiness and well-being lies within the individual. There are seven major energy centers in our body – known as chakras – each one vibrating at its own frequency. When they are all in sync and vibrating correctly, the energy in our body is balanced and we enjoy good physical, mental and spiritual health.

Temple Gong – Medium – Used at the beginning of meditation, Temple Gongs date back centuries throughout Asia, and they are designed to help us reach a place of harmony within.  A special brass formula allows these gongs to withstand the hammering by master craftsmen who understand the healing powers of sound.   The result is a high-quality, resonant instrument that can help you connect your inner being with the outside world.

Hanging Bronze Chau Gong – Indoors or out, the bold design of this striking bronze gong will complement any décor.  Hand-hammered for fine tonality, the Chau Gong is crafted in the tradition of Chinese instrument makers.  In Buddhism, a gong is sounded at the beginning and the end of each day, and in Chinese temples the gongs are sounded 108 times because people are believed to have 108 types of worries.  Hence, the sound of the gong is a symbol to let these worries cease, so that wisdom can grow. 

Simply put, nothing has the ability to transport us to another place and time in quite the same way as a resonant gong.  Perhaps this explains why gongs have played such an important role in both religious and secular culture for thousands of years.  Gongs have sounded to warn of invading armies, chase away evil spirits and even heal the sick.  While the usefulness of the gong has changed quite a bit, the sounds still add a special aura to any setting.  Even to this day, Asian gongs are said to bring happiness and strength. 

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