Kimono Robes for Women – The Perfect Accessory for Summer

kimono robes for womenWhen most people picture kimono robes for women, they remember the elaborate silk creations they’ve seen on Japanese women, many of which would be displayed at museums and galleries.  While these collectors’ editions still enjoy quite a following, the average woman cannot picture herself wearing one.  The modern kimono robes of today are just as attractive as those traditional ones on display, but they are much less expensive and easier to care for. In fact, nearly all of the Japanese kimono robes for women have the same appearance and quality as those that were created so long ago.

The modern-day kimono robe

If you are in the market for a comfortable robe that can be worn as loungewear or at a resort, a colorful Japanese kimono might be the perfect summer accessory.  They can be slipped on after a dip in the hot tub, worn over a swim suit on a cruise ship, or as a comfortable robe around the house.  A lightweight cotton version of the kimono, known as a yukata, is a more casual way to wear this simple T-shaped design.  Brightly colored designs feature popular Japanese symbols such as cherry blossoms, cranes, bamboo and chrysanthemums.  Men also enjoy wearing a kimono or yukata robe, but their designs are more likely to feature dragons, calligraphy or geometric patterns.

Kimono robes for women are generally designed with the same T-shaped pattern but there are many different ways to wear them.  Silk kimonos are dressier and can be worn as a dress when paired with an ornamental sash, or obi, and matching silk slipper-style shoes.  Cotton or synthetic fiber kimonos are usually worn in a casual fashion, with or without a sash, and work better as an informal robe.  If you are interested in displaying your kimono it is usually better to purchase a vintage silk kimono that can be hung across a wooden pole from arm to arm.

Shop for kimono robes for women

One of the toughest decisions shoppers face when buying kimono robes for women is the choice of fabrics.  There are so many delightful patterns to choose from, it can be tempting to buy more than one.  Fortunately, at, authentic Japanese kimono robes are affordably priced between $45 and $70 so it’s easy to start a collection of kimono and yukata robes for every season.   When you shop at, be sure to watch the video about kimono robes for women and men.

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