Let a Zen Gong or Chime Be Your Signal to Relax

zen gongWhether you want to unwind at the end of the long day, or start the morning out with some quiet meditation, there is no better way than with the sound of a Zen gong or meditation chime.  Tibetan chimes have been used for centuries as a way to inform the body to relax.  The rich melodic tones of a Zen chime not only resonate throughout your body and mind; they also add another dimension to your meditation ritual. 

True, deep meditation involves blocking out the clutter and “noise” in the mind.  Only then can one be free to slip into a meditative state.  But we are creatures of habit, and our five senses sometimes need to be stimulated first before they can fully relax.  We can stare at an object or painting to prepare our visual senses, perform yoga poses to relax our sense of touch, burn incense to enhance our sense of smell, and listen to meditation chimes for an auditory signal.  Each of these actions can play a role in settling into a deep state of meditation.  Tibetan chimes have the added advantage of telling us when to stop meditating.

A wide selection of meditation gongs, Feng Shui wind chimes, Buddhist bells and Tibetan singing bowls are available to complement your sacred space or meditation room.  The singing bowl, for example, has been used throughout Asia for centuries as a powerful healing tool.  Today it is widely used in various forms of therapy, yoga and meditation.  Rather than a single resonating Zen gong, handcrafted singing bowls can produce a longer and more melodious tone.

One of the most popular meditation chimes sold today is this hand-pounded bronze Zen gong known as the “Chau Gong” (shown here).  The Chau gong is 13.75” in diameter and 30” long.  Gongs like this are used throughout Asia to signal the beginning and end of morning Zen.  Now you can enjoy the special sound of this Zen gong in your home or garden.  Hand-hammered out of bronze, it is accented by black ash wood and comes with a rubber mallet.

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