Meditate More Comfortably with this Tatami Meditation Mat

Tatami Meditation Mat Set

Tatami Meditation Mat Set

The ability to be totally relaxed and comfortable during meditation is extremely important. Without a comfortable place to sit, beginners often give up too soon.  If you plan to practice meditation regularly, you will need to create a separate space that is specifically set aside for quiet meditation. This space is usually painted in neutral tones with tatami mats on the floor, Zen-inspired artwork and minimal furnishings.  Candles and incense can also play a role in creating a serene meditative environment.  But nothing is more important than one’s ability to sit comfortably and maintain good posture.  Only then can a true meditative state be achieved and sustained.

Tatami Meditation Mats have been used in various forms for centuries, but the most recent incarnations are far more effective than early Buddhist versions. These mats promote better circulation throughout the body and prevent the misalignment of the spine during long periods of stillness.

The natural fibers and fragrant aroma of this Tatami Meditation Mat sets the mood for deep relaxation. It is designed to offer additional lumbar alignment and support for the back while sitting cross-legged during meditation.

Anyone who practices meditation regularly learns to tuck in his or her lower back, and this mat is designed with that in mind. It is contoured to work best with the sitting lotus, half-lotus and kneeling postures by reducing spinal stress and making sessions more effective.

This Tatami Meditation Mat Set is circular and measures 23 1/2” in diameter.  Each half of the mat is 2” tall.  Because it is relatively lightweight at 8 pounds, it is extremely portable.  Bordered in black and gold brocade, this mat makes a very attractive addition to any meditation room.

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