Enso Pearl and Enso Asari Meditation Timer and Alarm clock

These meditation timer and alarm clocks are perfect for your active lifestyle.  Compact, lightweight and portable, they are ideal for meditation, yoga, Reiki therapy, and travel.   The symbolic Enso circle offers an innovative way to convey time.  The Enso appears brushed on the screen as time progresses.  You can view the relative amount of time that has elapsed with a quick glance, thus eliminating the distractions of reading and calculating time on traditional clocks.

Enso Pearl Meditation Timer and Alarm Clock

The Enso Pearl features interval timing, allowing you to create sequential timers that run one-after-the-other to  compose a customized sequence to mirror your personal practice.  You can set a repeat timer function for multiple repetitions of a single timer and count-up like a stop watch in hours, minutes and seconds.

The Enso’s soothing sounds are recorded from Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, tingsha (bell), moktok (wooden blocks) and a beep for meditation or alarm clock.  Its unique design allows it to be placed flat on the floor in front of you or propped up using the hinged stand that folds out of the back of the clock to place on your bedside table.

Enso Asari Meditation Timer and Alarm Clock

The Asari offers the same sleek, light-weight design  and Enso ring for conveying time.  It offers a single  count down timer, a repeat timer and a stop-watch (count-up) timer.  As with the Enso Pearl, it can be set in hours; minutes and seconds can be laid flat or propped up using the same hinged stand.

The Asari is great for your meditation sequence to  take you deeper, while a subtle chime signals your  transitions.  For Yoga, the Asari enhances your pranayama or asana practice by setting a timer that mirrors your flow.

The Asari offers a soothing, crystal clear singing bowl chime and a beep tone.   Like the Enso Pearl, it can be used as an alarm clock. The chime gently awakens, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.

The Asari is available in two colors; an oyster white or a soft sage green.

Whether you choose the Enso Pearl or the Asari, you will find the quality and versatility of these meditation timers to be exceptional and ensuring your meditation session to be more enjoyable.

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