Mt. Fuji – Japanese Legend and Cultural Icon

mount fuji comforterHave you ever wondered how certain plants, animals and scenery always seem to be shown in Japanese prints, fabrics and artwork? If you pay attention to the popular patterns available, you will notice cherry blossoms, dragons, tigers, koi fish, chrysanthemum and bamboo emblazoning many different Japanese items, primarily kimonos. But one of the most prevalent icons of Japanese culture is the Hokaido print of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. This active stratovolcano hasn’t erupted since 1708 and it is snow-capped for several months of the year. On a clear day, the mountain’s symmetrical cone can be see for 60 from 60 miles away in downtown Tokyo. Mount Fuji is actually a part of the “Three Holy Mountains,” along with Mount Haku and Mount Tate, and in addition to being a major tourist attraction it is frequently seen in art and photographs.

Japanese citizens are not the only ones with a particular affinity for Mount Fuji. The beautiful landscape has inspired artists and poets for centuries. Within the mountain itself are since Sengen shrines, two lodges, two lava tree molds, the eight Oshino Hakkai hot springs two lakes , a pine tree grove and the Shiraito Falls.

Mount Fuji in the bedroom

ne of the most elegant ways to seek out some well-earned rest is on a handcrafted Japanese comforter, and Mount Fuji will turn your room into a peaceful personal oasis. This restful pattern includes greens, gold and black, all wrapped up in a warm sage background. Centered up on the iconic Mt. Fuji, the Fuji moon pattern adds to the meaning of this Japanese legend.

The legend of Mount Fuji

The legend that is told in this Japanese folk take is of the Moon Princess, a sad story about how she had to leave the mountain behind and return to the moon, leaving behind the old couple that brought her to earth. When the broken-hearted man who raised her saw her sees she is gone, he notices smoke rising from the top of the mountain.

Take a piece of Mt. Fuji’s magical allure into your bedroom with this 100% cotton Japanese comforter set. A perfect complement for Japanese platform beds or Tatami beds, the inside of this high quality comforter is filled with 100% polyester batting and is sewn in the USA. Each set comes with a comforter and two matching pillow shams.

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