Romance Blossoms with this beautiful Japanese Rose Quartz Wind Chime

Japanese Rose Quartz Wind Chime

Japanese Rose Quartz Wind Chime

As the darkest days of winter fall upon us, this Japanese rose quartz wind chime offers sweet sounds that recall spring days and singing birds.  Just listening to the melodic tones created by this Feng Shui chime will strengthen your chi energy and help you escape the winter doldrums.  Dreaming of warm romantic evenings is always a great way to improve your outlook and enhance your mood.  ThisJapanese rose quartz wind chime provides just the positive energy you are seeking.

Many people who practice Feng Shui believe that wind chimes bring good fortune, prosperity and health.  They are also known to break down negative energy in the home and create a beautiful “sacred space” where one can escape from the cares of the world.

This Japanese rose quartz wind chime is handcrafted from black wash ash wood, with three platinum-colored tubes and rose quartz stones. Known as the “love stone”, rose quartz is said to have mystical powers of compassion and forgiveness, and can also have a wonderful calming effect.  Its soft and delicate color is associated feelings of friendship and heart-centered, trusting love.  It can also improve fertility and strengthen one’s ability to love others with a strong heart.

While modern wind chimes are found in many Western homes, they have their origins in second century India, where they hung on the corners of large pagodas with the purpose of scaring away evil spirits.  They were later used in Chinese temples and palaces, and are still thought to be good luck in many parts of Asia.

This wind chime measures 39” in length, and will make a lovely addition to your home and garden.  Fill your home with melodic tones of this Feng Shui wind chime, and lift your spirits this winter.  The Japenese Rose Quartz Wind Chime also makes a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

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