Sleep More Soundly with All Natural Tatami Bed Mats

tatami bed matsSleep is something you take for granted when you’re young, but as the body ages it becomes more and more difficult to get a good night’s sleep.  That may explain why so many high-end mattress companies make a fortune, even in a down economy.  But if your idea of a restful sleep is more traditional and less rooted in Western culture, then it may be time to look into Tatami bed mats

Tatami bed mats are very similar in style to the Tatami mats you would find on the floor of some Japanese homes. Originally intended for nobility, Tatami mats have come to symbolize the Asian aesthetic in home décor.  At, you will find a large selection of Tatami bed mats and floor mats in many different sizes, many of which are used to create a Tatami mat room.

How can your body benefit from a Tatami bed mat?

If you have a bad back then you may already be sleeping on a firm mattress, but Tatami bed mats can take your comfort one step further.  Instead of sleeping on a bed with noisy coils and springs and other man-made materials, Tatami bed mats are 100 percent natural.  Because they are hydroscopic, Tatami mats can absorb the moisture in a room when it’s humid, and then naturally evaporate that moisture when the air is dry.  Tatami mats are made from organic materials that absorb nitrogen dioxide, which actually helps clean the air. Plus, they can act as a natural insulator that keeps your room warmer in the winter and cooler during summer months.

The hand-woven Tatami bed mats for sale at are made with soft rush grass, which creates a soft and aromatic environment that invites relaxation.  They can be used as the perfect base for your Zen or Tatami platform bed.  For the best selection of Tatami floor mats, Tatami bed mats, and other Japanese furnishings for your home, be sure to visit

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