Stretch out on the floor with a Tatami Zaisu Chair

tatami zaisu chair

If you visit a Japanese home, you may be surprised at the low profile of their home décor.  This is because much of Japanese life is lived on the floor, whether in meditative spaces like Tatami rooms or seated on a Tatami Zaisu Chair.  This unique Japanese chair looks a lot like other chairs, but with one exception – it has no legs.

Why would someone want a chair with no legs?  Well, when you consider how many traditions of Asian culture involve sitting on the floor, it makes perfect sense to have a chair that offers back support and padding.  The traditional Japanese sitting style, known as the “seiza” style, involves sitting with all body weight atop the lower legs, which are folded beneath the body.  But this position can become uncomfortable after awhile, which is why so many people prefer the option of a zaisu chair.  This way, the legs can extend out in front of the body while the back is fully supported.

This particular Tatami Zaisu Chair is made from solid Asian hardwood, with a backrest that is curved for optimum support and comfort.  Made of tatami, the seat cushion is removable, and the back rest has a fan shaped cut-out pattern that makes it easy to carry from room to room.  With a seat measuring 18” x 18”, and a backrest 16” x 16”, these chairs are extremely comfortable and can easily be folded for storage.

Consider getting a few of these Japanese Tatami chairs for informal gatherings and for sitting at low-tables while playing cards, dining or watching television.

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