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Center Your Mind and Body in your own Tatami Room

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Tatami mats were originally a luxury afforded only to Japanese nobility, when the architectural style of most aristocratic homes consisted of palatial wooden rooms.  At that time tatami were only used as seating for the highest ranking Japanese aristocrats, or for samurai and priests who had gained power.  It wasn’t until the Muromachi period that tatami became a covering for entire rooms.  Rooms like this became known as “zashiki”, which means “spread out for sitting”, but rules were made concerning etiquette and the proper arrangement of tatami in these rooms. 

Gradually, tatami became popularized enough to be seen in the homes of commoners by the end of the seventeenth century.  While most of today’s Japanese homes have few, if any, tatami-floored rooms, having one “tatami room” is not uncommon.

Oftentimes, these Japanese-style rooms, also known as washitsu, have a set of standard elements that make them more cozy and calming than any other room of the house.  Some people create a special alcove for displaying art, called a tokonoma.  This raised floor area, usually houses a decorative scroll on the wall, with a flower arrangement on the floor beneath the scroll.

Now, with a Tatami Room Kit, you can transform any indoor area into an elegant and peaceful Japanese Tatami room.   This set includes four standard sized traditional rice straw-filled tatami mats and one half-sized straw tatami mat, which together form the perfect 9’ x 9’ sacred space. Each mat is lined with an attractive fabric border in Zen Black, and has a moisture resistant backing. 

Complete Japanese Tatami Room Kit

Complete Japanese Tatami Room Kit

This kit also includes one of the finest single-sided Shoji Door kits, crafted from hand-selected hard woods in a selection of finishes (Oak, Natural, Honey, Walnut, Cherry and Black).  The screen itself is made from commercial-grade Warlon, an acrylic material that is sturdier than standard Shoji paper, while also being moisture and tear-resistant.  This set comes complete with all tracks and rails, as well as complete instructions for easy assembly.