Tatami Mats – The Easiest Way to Add Simple Comfort to Your Home

tatami matsAre you the kind of person who needs a firm, tightly woven mattress in order to get a good night’s sleep?  Do you prefer sitting on the floor on a firm cushion over sitting on a cushiony couch?  Then tatami mats may become your new “best friend.” Recommended by orthopedists and back specialists, tatami mats are also perfect for people with allergies to synthetic mattress materials.  These Japanese inspired rectangular mats are made with high-grade organic materials such as rice straw and rush grass.  This makes them more harmonious and natural and adds a pleasing aroma.

Some people prefer the support provided by tatami mat beds over the traditional futon frame, so tatami mats are now being used as a base for low-profile platform beds.  In fact, many believe that tatami mats will soon surpass the futon in terms of popularity.  Many articles have been written lately about the rise of tatami mats in contemporary interior design, but designers are not surprised.  They’ve had clients asking them about tatami rooms for several years now, and they understand the allure of the Japanese aesthetic to Westerners.  Unlike most of the furniture we normally buy, Zen or Japanese furnishings are designed to have a low profile and a calming effect on the body, mind and spirit.

Tatami bed mats have been used in Japan for hundreds of years, and use a construction method that is similar to the structure of tatami floor mats.  They start with four layers of natural fiber, which is covered with a tightly-woven rush straw that has a soft, woven texture and a pleasant natural aroma.  Long a staple of Asian homes, tatami mats often become an integral part of a room’s design, as they are positioned on the floor using traditional patterns.  They were originally used only for Japanese nobility, but over time they have come to symbolize the Asian aesthetic in home décor.

Used for centuries to create soft and inviting environment in Japanese homes and tea houses, these Zen-inspired tatami mats fit perfectly on a tatami bed frame.  Chopa.com is an excellent source for tatami bed frames, tatami mats and Japanese furniture, as well as tatami mats for floors.  Their tatami mats are made in the Far East by skilled craftsmen and many are sale priced.  For customers who are searching for tatami mats that were made in Japan, Chopa.com has the best selection and prices.

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