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In the second part of our series on the health benefits of certain foods, we are devoting December to Orange, the color of the second chakra.

All things in nature; people, plants, animals and even inanimate objects have a unique vibration or energy pattern. The same is true for our energy system, known as the seven chakras. The frequency of a vibration reflects a distinct color that carries specific characteristics which can contribute to our well being.

What foods come to mind when you think orange? Oranges are probably the most common, and there are also mangos, cantaloupes, carrots, pumpkins, peppers and apricots. The peak season for oranges starts in December and you will see many varieties appear in your local markets. Pick one up and hold it in your hand, and smell the fruit. What thoughts and feelings transpire? Much of the structure and formation of an orange can be attributed to how it relates to the energy and characteristics of the second or sacral chakra.

The skin of the orange is firm, thick and dimpled; qualities often compared to having a healthy emotional detachment. Think about the saying, having a thick skin when it comes to dealing with life’s daily challenges. Underneath the rind, the white fibrous pith holds the fruit segments securely in place. This symbolizes the multiplicity and abundance organized within the wholeness of one. Each orange segment contains seeds which represents the innate creativity within us. Oranges are grown by grafting a seed with a rootstock to create the specific variety desired. Just as the strength and stability of the graft must take hold to be productive, so must the root chakra be strong and healthy to support the sacral chakra for creativity to be realized.

Sacral chakra energy is bold and determined. It is oriented in survival instincts and balanced with resilience and creative energy. When open and balanced, the energy center helps us work through all types of life challenges. The second chakra oversees our ability to make good choices for ourselves over less desirable ones. A person with a balanced energy center will be eager to experience life, adapting easily to change as it occurs and feeling safe in the process. They will have a hobby or job that promotes and fulfills their creative desires and are often seen as entrepreneurial.

The mango by comparison, has a rich and firm flesh with a thin skin that can be difficult to separate. This correlates to the characteristic of a creative person who has a high degree of sensitivity and a deep connection to their emotions.

Mango trees can live for hundreds of years and have a deep root system representing a healthy, grounded stability within our own energy system. The flowers of the mango tree are prolific, growing in large bunches. With only the strong surviving to become fruit, mangos grow close to one another, yet develop individually. Similar in characteristics, the primary purpose of the sacral chakra involves emotional control, relationship development and creative expression. The key components are the evolution from the “roots” of your group and family identity (the root chakra) into your own identity and being able to provide for yourself. People who are highly creative often entertain several ideas at once, but only select a few for development, similar to how mango flowers mature into fruit.

Both creative and procreative energy housed in the sacral chakra are vital to our overall health and sense of well being. Uninhibited creative energy allows us to carve out our own identity, distinguishing us as unique, productive members of society. It fosters success in building friendships and allows us to raise and nurture our children. We are able to fully express our emotions, feel confident in who we are and happy in our life choices.

Oranges and mangos have qualities of abundance and are good foods to eat to support your sacral chakra. If you are feeling depleted emotionally, eat an orange and note its thick skin. This may help you to feel strong and emotionally stable. If you are feeling vulnerable and emotionally sensitive, the thin skinned mango is not the fruit to consume at this time. Mangos are a good choice when you have a balanced emotional state and need support to strengthen desires for creativity and abundance.

All energy flows upward from the root chakra. When compromised, other chakras may become unbalanced due to the restriction of energy flow. If the second chakra is unbalanced, a person may feel that life has become a daily grind without pleasure or joy. There is no spontaneity or desire to pursue a creative project and decision making becomes difficult. There is often an inability to express thoughts and feelings. There may be a tendency towards poor decisions including addictions.

Carrots and orange peppers can be beneficial for supporting energy, both possessing centering and grounding characteristics. Think about how carrots grow, deep underground, safe, secure and supported by the earth. They grow straight and tall and have a firm and crisp flesh. Orange peppers have a firm but flexible structure. The inside has white fibrous ribs supporting the clusters of seeds. They are waiting to be filled much like someone who is grounded but desiring change; but not yet making room in their life for the new pattern to emerge. These qualities can be absorbed into the body through their vibrational energy when eaten in their natural state.

Intuitively, your body knows what it needs at any given time. The next time you crave a fruit or vegetable, take time to think about the physical characteristics the item has, and how they may relate to physical, emotional or spiritual issues you may be experiencing.

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