Understanding your Chakras -The Throat Chakra

This month we explore the fifth of the seven energy systems, the throat chakra. Its Sanskrit name is Vishuddha, translated as “purified.” It is located at the base of the neck below your Adams apple. Its associated color is blue and the musical note is G. The throat chakra represents our center of creativity, our receptiveness to intuition and the ability to express ourselves honestly.

The purpose of this chakra is learning a sense of what is right and knowing your inner truth. It is the energy center of your will, the awareness of your intention and self-discipline. It stems from the ability to listen from the heart, staying connected with your intuitive self and to act from truth in decision making. The stronger and more determined you become, ultimately, the better life decisions you make. This energy center is the mediator between the heart and the head facilitating choices and consequences.

A balanced throat chakra is reflected in the ability to articulate one’s fears and strengths openly and clearly without fear or guilt. As the vital connection between our spiritual and creative centers, life is uplifting, and the challenges of daily life are accomplished with a sense of peace, rhythm, ease, and creative energy. The skills of being a good listener, communicating clearly and feeling an inner balance throughout the day are also signs of a balanced throat chakra.

An unbalanced chakra is more often motivated by fear and advantage rather than steadfastly following the heart’s intention. Imbalance can be characterized by feeling restless, being critical of others, lying or telling half-truths, and an inability to listen without judgment. “Boxing in” emotions or giving someone the “silent treatment” can potentially manifest as physical ailments like a sore throat or laryngitis.

We have all experienced the “lump in the throat” feeling when faced with a difficult situation. This is your throat chakra reacting to your indecision about voicing the right words – the heart’s truth, for that situation. On an emotional level, an unbalanced throat chakra can be manifested by difficulty in decision making, tendencies towards addictions, gossiping and lack of creativity. A deficiency in throat chakra energy can leave you feeling tired, withdrawn from people and unable to speak up for yourself.

Ever have one of those days where you can’t seem to get your point across or relay your ideas in a clear manner? Feel like you are talking too much and speaking nonsense? These are signs of having an over abundance of energy which can also be problematic.

Being consciously aware of expressing your inner heart is the key to a balanced throat chakra. This can be expressed through journaling, humming or singing in the shower! Take a long walk and enjoy the blue sky or go sit near the ocean or a lake if possible and breathe consciously. Use your throat muscles, drink fruit juice, water or herbal teas. Add blueberries, purple grapes or plums to your diet. Wear blue clothing or add touches of blue to your home or office as a reminder. If you meditate, the mala bead gemstones are aquamarine, turquoise, blue lapis or blue topaz. Sage, frankincense and eucalyptus are helpful aromatherapies. Performing a service act for the fifth chakra is to provide encouragement to someone in need, bolster their spirit and conviction. The small impact you have on someone can be profound in another.

If your throat chakra is overactive, the use of red counterbalances the energy. Wear a touch of red clothing or eat red foods like tomatoes, beets and strawberries. Using red essential oils; sandalwood, cinnamon or patchouli can also be helpful in restoring balance.

In the next issue, we explore the brow or “third eye” chakra.

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