Tibetan Cloud Pendant – an Inspired Work of Art


Tibetan Cloud Pendant - a symbolic work of art

Tibetan Cloud Pendant - a symbolic work of art


The symbolism presented in Tibetan art has long been a subject of interest for Asian art lovers.  Some widely used symbols include fire, clouds and lotus designs, often stylistically interpreted in many forms of jewelry, clothing and accessories. 

Inspired by Tibetan cloud symbolism and ancient thangka paintings, the Tibetan Cloud Pendant is reminiscent of the spiral clouds that encircle themselves around the high peaks of Nepal, veiling them in a mysterious aura.  Tibet is located on a high altitude mountain plateau, with most of its land more than 12,000 feet above sea level.  In this thin-aired atmosphere, the Tibetan sky appears a very deep azure blue and the clear contrast of light and shadow light up the landscape with a searing intensity.  This magically enchanted setting allows one to see even the most distant mountain range in vivid detail, and the surrounding clouds reflect every color of the rainbow.

It is with this scenic vista in mind that Tibetan artists rendered their famous “cloud paintings”, which are always full of light, color and stylized arcs that interpret their dancing movements.

This sculptural Tibetan Cloud pendant, crafted out of pure sterling silver, recreates a lively interplay of motion and light in its shimmering symbolic beauty.  A silver snake chain measures 18” long and is closed with a lobster clasp.  Make the Tibetan Cloud pendant a special gift for yourself or that special person in your life.  A card explaining the symbolism of the Tibetan Cloud is enclosed with this remarkable piece of jewelry. 

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