Tranquility is Easy with Ikebana, Rock Cairns and Fountains

rock cairnsTrue inner peace and serenity is hard to come by these days.  With all the distractions from the media, cell phones, job stress and jam-packed schedules; it’s no wonder we have so little time left over to relax.  People need to find quick and satisfying ways to decompress and detach from the outside world, and Zen gardening is a great way to do this.

Unlike traditional American gardens which consist mainly of flowers, a Japanese garden maintains a much lower profile.  Tranquility is the primary goal of a Japanese garden, so it’s just as likely to contain fountains and rock sculptures as it is to be minimalistic.

Below, we’ll explore the various ways to accent the beauty of a Zen garden –

Rock Cairns

What’s the best way to turn your Japanese garden into a contemporary work of art?  Simply steal the natural beauty of rounded river stones in stacked arrangements.  Best known as Rock Cairns among avid Japanese gardeners, these wonders of nature are the essence of Zen spirituality.  Rock sculptures and smooth stones are often positioned strategically within a Zen garden where they can serve as a focal point, but rock cairns are also transformed into fountains.

Found all over the world, these cone-shaped rock formations have been used for centuries as path markers, monuments and astronomy guides. The word “cairn” is derived from a Gaelic term for a man-made stack of stones. Found all over the world, they range from cone shaped rock formations to delicately balanced sculptures that are elaborate feats of engineering. Cairns have been used for centuries as monuments, path markers, ceremonies and astronomy guides.

Zen Fountains

Small Japanese water fountains are a great way to add movement and fluidity to your Zen garden space.  Available for either indoor or outdoor use, a fountain provides the ideal “background music” for meditation, relaxation or reading.  In fact, small Japanese Zen Gardens are one of the best ways to give your home a Japanese flair.  Simply position a Japanese Zen water fountain next to an Ikebana arrangement and you will have a perfect complement to Japanese décor.

Ikebana vases

Small Japanese Zen gardens are one of the easiest ways to add a “sacred space” to your home.  Many hobbyists find that Ikebana ignites a passion for gardening that they’ve never had before.  When paired with a Japanese Zen water fountain these beautiful creations lend an air of tranquility to any space, and they are the perfect complement to your indoor Japanese style.

To get started, you will need Japanese garden supplies including an Ikebana vase, and some time to read up on the art of Japanese Ikebana gardening.   There are many Ikebana gardening methods to choose from, all of which add a new dimension to your Japanese décor.

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