Transforming Your Life for the New Year

With the New Year approaching, many of us are feeling optimistic and looking towards setting goals and resolutions for an empowering and successful New Year. If you are looking for some help with putting your intentions into action, author Bill Phillips has developed a personalized and realistic plan to invigorate the body, mind and spirit to become healthier, happier and more fulfilled in the process.

Having led more than a million people to improve their health over the past eleven years with his program Body-for-Life®, Bill Phillips is a self described student and teacher. Delving into both ancient and modern healing traditions and cultures to discover the connection between mind, body and spirit led him to write Transformation.

Transformation is an insightful and guided process that reshapes the “whole person. Each step will help you understand and expand your awareness, refocus your mindset and heal the emotional hurts of the past to attain your greatest transformative self. It will also help you achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle and begin living more compassionately. The book includes wonderful and inspiring stories from people who have reinvented their lives through his teachings.
If you have the desire and struggle with some habits you would like change in the New Year, understanding nutrition, exercise, and mindset are all key to getting started and living your live with intention.

Transformation will offer you the direction, support and encouragement to make a different and realize your true potential. Chopa is helping you make the change you desire with a special offer. Transformation is just $13.98, half off the cover price.

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