Usher in Spring with Japanese Garden Fountains and Outdoor Zen Décor

japanese garden +supplies +fountains +zen +buddhaCreating a peaceful oasis in your own backyard is every homeowner’s dream, but it is not something that occurs without effort.  Spring is the best time to get started on a Japanese garden project and pick up Zen fountains, Buddha statues and other supplies.  But you may not be aware of what Japanese garden is supposed to look like.  Fortunately, there are countless books available on this subject alone.

The Japanese take their gardens and Zen décor very seriously and they go about the design of a garden in very deliberate ways, but there is no one method for creating your own.  Your backyard garden may look very different from someone else’s, depending on the space you have available.

Looking at many of the Japanese garden accessories available at, it’s clear that the Zen garden is unlike the typical American garden.  The use of color and assorted flora is usually kept to a minimum, and many are simply done with various rocks, boulders and sand. Garden fountains and Buddha statues add focal points throughout the landscape, and are often accented by a few brilliant flowers or greens.

What are the most important elements of a Zen or Japanese garden?

  • Rock and stone forms – a symbol of strength and durability, rocks are often used as the focal point in a Japanese garden design.  A combination of rough and smooth, large and small stones can give your garden an appealing look.
  • Gravel or sand – in a dry Japanese rock garden, the gravel and sand line is used to represent water, with wavy lines and concentric circles symbolizing the movement of the water.
  • Ornamental features – many of which include stone lanterns or Buddha statuary – are an important feature of any Japanese style garden.
  • Water features, such as a water basin or small Japanese fountain, are often used to add interest to a Zen garden space.  Adding water to an otherwise dry rock garden exhibits the essence of Japanese style.

If you want to create a quick and easy Japanese garden, it helps to start in an area that has a wall on one or two sides – or a secluded location in the corner of the yard.  Anything that can help to define the borders of the garden will add to its intimacy.

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