Welcome Spring with Chimes for Healing and Energy

tigers eye chimeThe ice is finally melting across much of the United States, as nature springs to life outside every window. Harsh winters seem to bring about a beautiful spring, so this one should be glorious. Why not get your home and garden ready to usher in the warm breezes with these beautiful new chimes? Every chime is different in that it evokes a different mood or energy to the listener.

Like a melodious musical instrument, a good chime is designed to remind us of the healing that comes from sound. Natural wood is combined with colorful stones and aluminum rods to create a chime that will enhance your experience of the natural world.

Here are some of the chimes that are now available for sale on Chopa.com:

Red Coral Chakra Chime – Made by Woodstock, our chakra chimes combine sound and color to illuminate the chakras, the major energy centers of the human body. According to ancient tradition, each of the seven chakras illuminates one of the main nerves emanating from the body. Each chakra has a unique meaning and healing potential, and each one of these chimes is accented with a colorful stone that represents one of these chakras. Intended to remind us of the strength of keeping mind over matter, these chimes give the listener a glimpse of the ideal balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Chi Energy Chime with Tiger’s Eye – Similar to the Chakra chimes, each Chi Energy chime is created to dispel negative energy from the home. In addition, many believe these chimes give off energy of their own. The tiger’s eye stone on this chime is known to strengthen confidence and focus the mind. Through the ancient practice of Feng Shui, wind chimes are also believed to bring the listener health, prosperity and good fortune. Three hollow tubes are said to promote the circulation of good chi energy while breaking up the negative. Even those who don’t subscribe to these claims will find the vibrations of Chi Energy chimes will enhance any setting with harmony and positive aesthetics. This 41” chime (shown above) is finished with ash wood and has three bronzed aluminum tubes, each with tiger’s eye clappers and metal wind catchers.

Chakra Wind Chime – In addition to the beauty they add to the home, wind chimes are often used as a focal point during meditation. This Chakra Wind Chime in particular is an excellent choice for meditation because it includes a stone representing each of the seven chakras of the body. Tuned to the frequencies associated with the seven chakras, this chime features seven stones along an ascending column which represents their alignment in the human spine.

These seven chakras are the amethyst Crown Chakra (related to thought and self-knowledge); the lapis Brown Chakra (related to clarity and intuition); the turquoise Throat Chakra (related to sounds and self-expression); the aventurine Heart Chakra (related to love and compassion), the citrine Solar Plexus Chakra (related to personal growth and power), the carnelian Sacral Chakra (related to creativity and enthusiasm) and the red jasper Base Chakra (related to self-preservation.) This lovely stone-accented wind chime measures 17” in length and is made from black-finished ash wood with six aluminum rods.

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