What Makes Zafu Cushions Perfect for Meditation?

zafu_zabuton_setsWhen it’s time to invest in a new meditation pillow, customers can have a hard time choosing the proper filling. This is particularly true when the pillows are purchased online, as many meditation supplies are. Without the ability to feel the texture and weight of a pillow, shoppers find it difficult to choose between buckwheat hull and organic kapok fillings.

As someone who meditates regularly, I have found that buckwheat hull works best for me, but I also know several people who swear by kapok. In the end, it is all a matter of personal taste. The reason I like buckwheat hull best is that it tends to be sturdier and tougher than kapok.

While kapok tends to be somewhat softer and more comfortable, I prefer a pillow that conforms to the contours of my body. Buckwheat hull pillows do this without flattening out, thereby offering better lumbar support than a fluffier pillow would. If you have back trouble or hip pain after sitting for long periods of time, the buckwheat hull zafu cushion might be perfect for you.

The buckwheat hull zafu cushion is designed to promote healthy posture while meditating in a lotus, or cross-legged position. Ergonomic and sturdily built, it is covered with a 100% cotton twill fabric.

What is a buckwheat hull?

Used for centuries in ancient Chinese cultures, buckwheat hulls are the parts of the plant that surround kernels and seeds. As a filling for pillows, the buckwheat hull has only become popular in the West over the past few months.

Because they so easily conform to the shape of the heat and neck, chiropractors and massage therapists will also use buckwheat hull pillows in their professional practice. As a health remedy, these shock absorbing pillows provide surprising relief for migraines and neck pain. Some say they feel more “grounded” sitting on this type of pillow during meditation because it reminds them of sitting on a mound of beach sand.

How else are buckwheat hulls used?

More than just a filling for zafu cushions, buckwheat hulls are used for making keyboard rests that prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, they can be made into eye pillows and back supports for desk workers. Sometimes they are even mixed with natural herbs for aromatherapy products.

Are buckwheat hulls sustainable?

The material used to make buckwheat hull pillows is actually the outer shell of a buckwheat kernel. Since it is too hard to be eaten by humans or animals, the hull would typically be discarded, but by using it as a pillow stuffing the environment is not disturbed.

Are buckwheat hull cushions adjustable?

Each of them has a zippered opening which can be used to fill the cushions. This opening allows for the removal or addition of buckwheat hulls to adjust the height and comfort.  Buckwheat hull cushions do not flatten or require fluffing up.  Buckwheat hulls are more like a natural sand surface because they conform to the shape of the body and provide a grounded feel.

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