Why Everyone Should Own a Zabuton an Zafu Set

zabuton zafu setIf you’re like most people, you have no idea what a Zabuton or a Zafu is, let alone why you would need to buy them as a set. But once you discover them, you will understand why they play such an important role in keeping you centered and balanced.   The Zabuton and Zafu set is usually purchased by someone who regularly practices meditation. 

Made with the comfort of the practitioner in mind, these 100 percent organic zafu cushions are covered with a soft twill cotton fabric and stuffed with organic fibers such as cotton, kapok and buckwheat.  It measures 6” high and 16” in diameter.  A matching zabuton mat is well-stuffed with many layers of organic cotton batting, and then covered with a 100 percent cotton twill fabric.  The Zabuton measures 36″ long and 28″ and is 3″ tall. Both the zabuton and zafu in this set have a concealed zipper that allows for easy removal of the cover, as well as a convenient side handle for portability.

Why do I need a zabuton and zafu set for meditation?

Once you begin the daily habit of meditation, it may become clear to you how much you need a comfortable cushion.  The last thing you need is for an uncomfortable position to keep you from deep meditation.  The Japanese realized this early on, and created this simple round cushion, the zafu, to aid in the daily sitting practice of cross-legged meditation.  Not only will this zabuton and zafu cushion set be an excellent way to enhance your meditation at home; it will also inspire you to meditate almost anywhere.

If you plan on climbing a mountain this summer to get away from the stress of the city, bring your zafu and zabuton along and meditate on the mountaintop.  If your travels will take you to the beach instead, this cushion and mat set makes the perfect accessory for an early morning meditative session.  

Your sitting posture during meditation is one of the most important elements to achieving a deeper state of being. Using the zabuton and zafu set from Chopa.com can make it even more satisfying, and you will get the best value when purchasing them as a set.  But don’t stop there.  Chopa also sells a number of other Zen-inspired meditation accessories, including gongs and chimes, meditation timers, fountains and furnishings.   Everything you need for Japanese-inspired living is here for your enjoyment.

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