Windchimes Bring Clarity, Energy and Good Fortune

feng shui windchimeAs “Westerners,” some of the ancient wisdom of Asian cultures might seem a little unusual. Whether it’s the practice of Zen meditation, Feng Shui or Chi Energy therapy, it’s easy to feel like an outsider looking in. But windchimes have a spiritual energy that everyone gets. Kinetic and resonant, wind chimes bring a sense of oneness that calms and energizes simultaneously. It’s a universal language of hope and beauty; one that isn’t easily duplicated.

Find out what makes wind chimes so unique. Try one of these artistic renditions of this ancient harmonic instrument.

Feng Shui Windchime – This unique chi energy windchime is an elegant translation of the centuries-old Chinese practice. Feng Shui is the art of using spatial arrangements to achieve balance and harmony, and that practice is clearly at work in this artistic melding of elements. Bubinga-finished ash wood, blue lapis stones and platinum gray aluminum tubing blend together to create a harmonic symphony. Each resonant note has the power to redirect energy within a space, benefitting both the listener and the environment.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that windchimes can bring about health, prosperity and good fortune while dissipating negative energy and the lapis stone has been known for centuries to be a metaphysical source of clarity and focus. The Feng Shui collection of windchimes is also available in Fire, Earth and Water, each with its own symbolic accent stone.

Chakra Chimes – Chakra is an ancient concept that originated in Hinduism and Buddhist practices. It comes from a Sanskrit work that means “turning,” or “wheel,” but it best describes the centers of forceful energy that extend from one physical point on the body to another. Metaphysical healing indicates that certain gemstones are closely tied to the Seven Chakras of the body. For example, in the Chakra Aventurine Chime, the aventurine stone represents the love and compassion of the Heart Chakra. It enhances and balances creativity while integrating the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of person.

Beautiful aventurine stones are mixed with ceramic bead accents in this melodic healing chime, which is designed to harmonize the strength of the heart and mind. Accented by ash wood in a black finish, this 17 ½” chime has six silver-polished aluminum tubes, and it makes a beautiful addition to any outdoor garden or patio.

Japanese Fish in Stream Windchime – In Japanese culture, the Furin Fish in a stream is a popular symbol. This skillfully crafted chime is made in the Oigen Iron Works, combining classic ironware design with a balance of soothing sounds. Devotees of this type of windchime believe that the high-frequency sounds stimulate the brain to release stress-relieving hormones.

Find out how windchimes can help you de-stress your home environment while providing a beautiful accent for your décor. At one time, windchimes were used to keep people cool in the summer months, and the sound of these chimes is still regarded as a symbol of summer in Japan.

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