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The soothing sound of water adds calm to your home, workplace or garden. Zen fountains make a unique housewarming gift. Looking for an outdoor garden water fountain? We offer a large Buddha head fountain or a rock cairn fountain to add Zen to your garden or patio, both with free shipping.

What are the benefits of meditation fountains? Studies have shown the natural, rhythmic sound of gently running water promotes a relaxing ambiance. As you relax, the water acts as nature's air purifier as it clears negative ions. Indoor water mediation fountains act as natural humidifiers while the circulating water prevents mold and bacteria build up. The calming cadence of water melts away tension and stress and facilitates meditation and introspection. Shop for Zen meditation water fountains online today.

GA-21421-1.jpgRiver Rock Vase $29.00 $20.00


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