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Sumi-E Scroll Art and Zen Calligraphy

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all wall scrolls within the USA.

Chopa offers a great selection of hand-painted Wall Scrolls and Sumi-e paintings.

An Oriental Hanging Scroll is a classic element of Asian wall art and will compliment Zen décor in your home or office.

Find professional quality, hand-painted Japanese scroll art in the true tradition of Oriental culture. Our ready to hang Oriental Wall Scrolls make unique gifts. Calligraphy scrolls can offer philosophical and spiritual meanings or simply display a beautiful work of art. Asian scroll art is an ancient form of inspirational art that has existed for centuries.

Hanging scroll artwork is often displayed during the seasons to symbolize the ever changing seasons in life. Scrolls are rolled up and secured for storage when not on display. Hanging wall scrolls are rotated and are not intended to be on permanent display. Artwork is painted on a variety of papers and often matted with silk brocade fabrics. A dowel is attached to the bottom of a scroll to add stability when hung. It also serves as a roller to roll your scroll for storage.
TT-565556-1.jpgSilk Scroll - Love$28.00 $24.00
TT-565533-1.jpgSilk Scroll - Peace$28.00 $24.00
TT-565534-1.jpgSilk Scroll - Zen$28.00 $24.00
S27-1Blank Hanging Scroll$34.95 $29.00
We offer FREE SHIPPING on all wall scrolls and calligraphy scrolls within the USA.