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Japanese Sumi Ink Stick

Make your own Sumi ink with this with high quality Sumi Ink Stick.

For hundreds of years, the process of making sumi sticks has not changed. Pure pine soot is mixed with select vegetable oils and a glue, then molded and dried to form a solid block. Grinding the stick on a suzuri stone with water produces your own high quality sumi ink. This Japanese ink stick for sale is known to produce the five shades of black which is characteristic of sumi painting. The ink produces subtle tones of blacks and grays.

Each Sumi ink stick measures approximately 3" in length. Imported from Japan. Wipe stick dry when finished and store in a cool dry place. Calligraphy embellishment shown in image may vary.

Product code : YA-SSB101

Price: $7.95

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Japanese Sumi Ink Stick
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Japanese Sumi Ink Stick
Real ink
I used to buy the premixed ink, but I discovered I really like the quality when making my own. I control the consistency.