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Shamballa Bracelet - Pyrite

Shamballa Bracelets originated hundreds of years ago.

Shamballa is a lost mythical kingdom believed to be paradise on Earth. Tibetans prayed and considered these bracelets as their connection to the spirituality of this sacred place. While the bracelet can be used for meditation, the wearer of this jewelry determines what significance each bead holds. One might choose a situation they were in and the accomplishment made to get past it. Another might designate each bead as a reminder of how far they have come in life and what it took to get here.

These authentic Shamballa bracelets are handmade in Thailand under Fair Trade practices. The craftsmen are paid fair wages and provided a positive work/life balance. Each work day begins with meditation to maintain a positive aura throughout the day. Bracelets are strung using the macramé technique. This means that each bead is threaded, separated and knotted by a dark green cord. They are finished with two beaded tassels and an adjustable slip knot band.

This braided bracelet contains ten high grade, smooth, round 10mm pyrite beads and one faceted black onyx bead. The tassels hold two 6mm pyrite beads. It measures 6 1/2" in circumference and adjusts to 10" when fully expanded. Pyrite resembles gold due to its metallic luster and pale brass-yellow hue. Some say it has a superficial appearance to gold, thus it has a nickname of fool's gold.

Pyrite is considered to be a powerful protective mineral that helps overcome ones fears and take charge. It builds confidence and guards against control and criticism by an individual, partner or employer. It is thought to provide positive energy to resist without becoming angry and upset. Some call it the balance of power changer, drawing on universal energies to activate and nourish the energies of the body and creating strength when your willpower is weakening. Black onyx is a grounding stone that encourages sensibility and clear thinking.

These are hand selected natural, genuine beads and have not been dyed or enhanced. A free jewelry bag is included to protect and store your bracelet.

Because these are natural stones from Mother Earth, bead colors may vary.

Product code : CZ-PSB

Price: $19.00

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