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Zenergy Chime

This Woodstock Chime is a popular meditation chime for individual or group practice.

The Zenergy Chime emits a powerful tone with just a gentle tap of the mallet. Chimes are often used in meditation and healing practice, because they can help us focus and redirect our attention within. A soft tap of the mallet on the chime and a gentle resonating tone fills the air. Take a deep breath and listen. Follow the sound of the chime to the very end. Relax, refocus, and re-energize.

This resonating chime can also be used as a hand chime or attention chime to gain the attention of a group. It is an effective method to start a meeting, class, yoga session or in a theater to notify patrons that the show is about to begin. In the home, an attention chime can played to invite guests to your dinner table. The chime includes a keyhole slot on the back, so it can be installed upright on a wall or door. Chimes are also used in the space clearing practice of feng shui. Some practitioners prefer chimes as an alternative to smudging, due to sensitivities to smoke.

Made of cherry finished ash wood, with a silver polished aluminum tube. The chime measures 7" long, 2" wide and 1 1/2" tall. A mallet is included.

Clearance, sorry no returns or exchanges.

Product code : WSP-ZEN

Reg Price: $10.95Sale Price: $7.50

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Zenergy Chime
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Zenergy Chime
Thank you for the replacement
Thank you for providing a replacement mallet. That's so kind of you!! I'll look forward to chanting with my new mallet! Our hamster chewed the last one. I'll try to keep the new puppy from the next one.