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This Glass Cherry Blossom Pendant Complements Any Wardrobe!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Eco Glass Cherry Blossom Pendant

Eco Glass Cherry Blossom Pendant

Need a simple way to accessorize this spring?  Wearing a natural eco-friendly glass pendant is a smart and inexpensive way to express your individuality and your love of nature.  The translucent turquoise glass of this beautiful Cherry Blossom Pendant will complement your spring wardrobe perfectly, while celebrating the beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom tree; and the best part is, each piece is a unique work of art.

Besides being a gorgeous piece of Zen-inspired jewelry, this Eco Glass Cherry Blossom Pendant is hand crafted and finished with a silver-plated bail against a multi-strand blue cotton ribbon.  Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist, and only 200 of each pendant is created, so you probably won’t see someone else wearing it.

The iconic cherry blossom tree is an important part of Japanese culture.  Not only do the trees symbolize clouds, they are also metaphorical in other ways.  With their stunning beauty blooming in the spring, followed by a quick death, the Japanese often equate cherry blossoms with mortality, or the ephemeral nature of life itself.  For this reason, cherry blossom patterns are a very important part of Japanese culture, appearing everything from art, anime and film to kimonos, bedding and dishware.

In keeping with the cultural influence on symbolism, Japanese fighter pilots were even known to paint cherry blossoms on the side of their planes before embarking on a suicide mission or bring cherry blossom branches with them on their missions.  The government even tried to persuade people to believe that the souls of lost Japanese warriors would be reincarnated into blossoms.
Whenever you put on this one-of-a-kind Glass Cherry Blossom pendant, you will be reminded of the rich traditions associated with this colorful tree. The 100% recycled glass pendant is 1” x 1” square and is fused with a nature photo that has become part of the glass. The necklace cord measures 17” in length. Why not buy one for yourself and someone you love.  It makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!