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Zafus, Zabutons and Meditation Benches

Chopa Zen Home & Gift offers Meditation Cushions, Mats, Benches, and Meditaton Supplies-. Find high quality zafus, zabutons and support cushions with 100% cotton twill fabric and Kapok filling. Expertly stuffed and sewn. Our meditation pillows and support cushions are perfect for meditation, sitting, yoga, or simple relaxation. Our benches are handcrafted in the USA of natural hard woods in several finishes and styles. We invite you to browse our large selection of books on how to meditate, meditation guides and daily meditations. We strive to find books to promote Zen-inspired living and help those on their journey to enlightenment.

New Shipment arriving in February. More colors will be available.

CHÖPA ZEN HOME & GIFT has a great selection of economical Meditation Cushions, expertly sewn with excellent durable-weight cotton fabric. Cotton twill is more desirable than traditional inexpensive cotton or cotton/poly fabrics due to its durability and stain resistant qualities. Our zafus are stuffed with Kapok filling. Kapok is a popular filling, made from a light, natural plant fiber that is more resilient than cotton, so that you can enjoy your cushion for years to come.