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Buddhist Mala Beads and Shamballa Bracelets

Find traditional Buddhist mala beads and Wrist bracelets for meditation or as Jewelry. A traditional set of 108 Buddhist malas aids the practitioner with repetitive mantra during meditation practice. Buddhist malas are often worn around the wrist as a Zen reminder during a busy day or simply as a wrist adornment or beautiful necklace.
Buddhist Mala beads or Japa Mala beads are a centuries old tool designed to keep the mind focused during prayer and meditation practice. The symbol of the never ending cycle, each bead in the mala counts a Sanskrit prayer or mantra. Each prayer bead when combined with a specific mantra is thought to have special properties that empower healing, a better sense of well-being and spiritual growth. Our Tibetan prayer beads are made with natural stones, wood or gemstones with healing energy qualities. A free Mala Bag is included to store and protect your beads.