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Add Zen to your home, workplace, patio or garden with one of our indoor statues or outdoor rock cairns. Find inspiration from the face of Buddha or a samurai warrior. We offer meditation statues, Buddha statues, and unique statues. Make any space your own with our wide selection of Buddhist altar supplies and Buddha statues for sale.
Praying Monk StatuePraying Monk Statue$39.00 $25.00
TL-3203-1.jpgHappy Buddha on Kirin$45.00 $29.00
TL-1970-1.jpgChinese Dragon Statue$69.00 $39.00
TL-1845-1.jpgQuan Yin on Palm$45.00 $29.00
MO-29803-1.jpgBuddha Desktop Garden$17.95 $10.00
Foo Dog StatuesFoo Dog Statues$289.00 $199.00
Woman yoga figurineStatue - Lotus Pose$24.95 $15.00
GA-21215-1.jpgSeptuple Rock Cairn$35.00 $25.00
GA-21213-1.jpgQuintuple Rock Cairn$29.00 $20.00
Mudra Buddha altarBuddha Prayer Altar$29.00 $15.00
Meditating buddha statueMeditation Buddha Statue$169.00 $119.00


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