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Tatami Mat Information Guide

Tatami Mats Benefits | Which Tatami Mat? | Tatami Mat Materials | Tatami Mats Care | Layout Ideas | Shipping

Benefits of Tatami Mats

Tatami mats help to clean the air by absorbing nitrogen dioxide in the room.  They are also hydroscopic; absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and naturally discharging the moisture when the air is dry. Tatami mats act as an insulator as well, keeping your room cool in the summer and warmer in the winter time.

Which Tatami is Right for Me?

We offer traditional 100% rice straw filled tatami mats. While some manufacturers add cardboard, fiber board, paper and wood to the inner core, we use only natural rice straw filling. Manufacturing has evolved over the years, and more producers now use a foam core in their mats. In our research and experience, straw fill is more durable, lasts longer and doesn't compress as easily as foam filled mats.

As a direct importer, we offer quality mats at reasonable prices. We are able to negotiate deep discounts with our freight carriers, lowering costs and saving our customers money. Our manufacturer focuses on quality and practices sustainable harvesting of materials. Choose a mat size that fits your needs, whether it will be used as a tatami bed or as tatami floor mats, we offer six sizes to help with your layout design.

Tatami Mat Materials

Our Our tatami mats are made by skilled craftsmen. The top layer of the mat is made of a double layer of igusa rush grass. The grass is naturally dried and woven into a beautiful matting. Rice straw is sun dried and then baked twice at a steady temperature to create a pest free, sterile fill. The finished straw is woven and compressed to form the firm, inner core of the mat. A moisture resistant barrier is stitched to the bottom. This protective barrier helps to extend the life of the mat. The layers are sewn together with a cotton twine and bound along two sides with a fabric border. Tatami mats are not fire retardant.

Care of Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are green when new and over time will dry to become light tan in color.  To extend the life of your Tatami, keep them dry to avoid possible mildew.  Remove the mats periodically and allow them to dry outdoors for an afternoon. Avoid direct sun and lean mats on edge, against a wall. This allows ventilation on both sides  If you live in a damp climate, a room dehumidifier will help protect your Tatami. To extend the life of your mats and avoid surface damage, remove your shoes before stepping on or walking on them.  If you use a futon or mattress on top of your Tatami, air-dry your mats by removing the futon or mattress periodically 

To freshen and protect your mats, rotate them regularly to even out wear from high traffic areas.  Vacuum your mats at least once a month or as needed. Use a slightly damp cloth for general cleaning.  Do not use strong detergents or abrasive cleaners as these may damage the surface of the mats.  For stubborn marks, use an equal portion of white vinegar and water using a damp cloth.


Tatami Layout Ideas

If you are unsure about how to lay out your tatami mats, we provide some ideas and examples below. The first design is for a traditional 9' X 9' tatami square using 4 traditional size mats and 1 half mat. We also include some other ways to place your mats in a 9 X 9 formation, as well as patterns using between 3 and 8 traditional size tatami mats. Review these examples to see if one of these designs will work for your space.


  • We offer FREE Ground Shipping on Tatami Mats within the continental USA. We ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada for an additional cost. We are unable to ship Tatami Mats to other International destinations, however we can ship mats to your freight forwarder in the USA. Orders are shipped fully insured with tracking capability. Most orders ship within one business day.
  • Orders for one or two mats normally ship via FedEx Ground. Orders for two or more Twin, King or three or more pieces of other sizes are shipped via freight truck. Freight delivery is curb-side only, carriers are not allowed to deliver mats inside a home or building. Please contact us or call us at 850-215-0019 with any questions about shipping, or for quotes to other destinations. When emailing for a shipping quote, please provide the mat size, quantity, your city, and zip or postal code. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.