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Japanese Incense from Shoyeido

Shoyeido incense is possibly the most popular Japanese incense. In the early 1800s Rokubei Moritsune Hata began using incense-making techniques he learned while employed at Kyoto's Royal Palace. Thus began the introduction of incense to the common man. The Hata family and the Shoyeido incense company have been making premium Japanese incense for over 300 years, using traditional methods and secret family recipes.

Shoyeido employs highly trained masters to create great fragrances. These artisans balance the quality and ratio of each natural ingredient. Only the finest raw materials are used to create unique, subtle scents. Shoyeido gives us a natural way to create a relaxed atmosphere at home. Whether to complement a work environment, add to a social gathering, enhance meditation or yoga, or simply to relax in the Jacuzzi or bath, Shoyeido's pure, natural incense is a perfect choice.

From lot to lot, master blenders work very hard to make subtle adjustments to retain the consistent fragrance of a particular incense. They consider the process to be an artistic endeavor rather than mere "production". Human sensitivity is highly-valued in Shoyeido's incense making.

Shoyeido strives to protect the environment with sustainably harvested, natural ingredients. No artificial chemicals or animal ingredients are used.

We hope you explore the world of incense and find your favorite scent.