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Japanese Gifts on Sale!

Visit often for sale pricing on Kimono, Yukata, Home Decor, Modern Furniture, Ikebana, Books, CD's, Zen Jewelry, Incense, Meditation Supplies, New Price Reductions, Close-outs, Special Purchases and more.

Our selection of Zen Inspired gifts and accessories changes frequently and offer our customers dome real deals and savings. Current sale or clearance items include jewelry, statuary, noren curtains, tapestry throws, umbrellas, incense and more.

Looking for a unique gift? We have a wide, ever changing selection of something for everyone. Meaningful gifts with a purpose.

Woman yoga figurineStatue - Lotus Pose$24.95 $10.00
F-PCOS06-1Noren - Geisha$59.00 $24.50
Fuji bay norenNoren - Fuji Bay$59.00 $24.50
neko Japanese norenNoren - Neko$59.00 $24.50
CL-99134-1.jpgBuddha Wall Hanging$39.00 $15.00
encore wind gongEncore Wind Gong$65.00 $40.00
WS-ZENE-1.jpgZenergy Chime Ebony$12.95 $6.00
NAT-E3133-1.jpgJapanese Iron Gong$349.00 $249.00
K-59201-1.jpgSarong - Blue Koi$14.95 $8.00
K-59204-1.jpgSarong - Aqua Blue$14.95 $8.00
K-59415-1.jpgSarong - Purple $14.95 $8.00
Butterfly UmbrellaUmbrella - Butterfly$19.95 $12.00
Womens Zinnia UmbrellaUmbrella - Zinnia$19.95 $10.00
Purple Cosmo UmbrellaPurple Cosmo Umbrella$24.95 $12.00
stoneware teapotGrey Stoneware Teapot$24.95 $14.95
stoneware tea cupsStoneware Mug Set$24.95 $14.95
asian display standAsian Display Stand$39.00 $19.00
Calligraphy brush penCalligraphy Brush Pen$39.00 $15.00
Decorative Buddha boxDecorative Buddha Box$39.00 $15.00
CZ-JC993-1Child's Ninja Set$45.00 $25.00
H-97357-1.jpgThe Miracle of Trust$69.95 $20.00
H-92495-1.jpgGiving Thanks$15.95 $8.95
H-91256-1.jpgThe Chakra System$69.95 $20.00
Praying Monk StatuePraying Monk Statue$39.00 $35.00