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Gifts on Sale!

Visit often for sale pricing on Kimono, Yukata, Statuary, Books, CD's, Jewelry, Incense, Meditation Supplies, New Price Reductions, Close-outs and more.

Our selection of Zen Inspired gifts and accessories changes frequently and offer our customers some real deals and savings. Current sale or clearance items include decorative wall fans, statuary, noren curtains, meditation shawls, books, CD's, DVD's, incense and more.

Looking for a unique gift? We have a wide, ever changing selection of something for everyone. Meaningful gifts with a purpose.

JPT-9902-1.jpgSumi-E Just For You$29.00 $9.97
Paper wall fanWall Fan - Bamboo$36.00 $19.97
Wall Fan VillageWall Fan - Village$36.00 $19.97
Dragon Wall FanWall Fan - Dragons$36.00 $19.97
NHP-246515.jpgYoga For Anxiety$17.95 $6.97
NHP-247499.jpgUrban Mindfulness$15.95 $3.97
ST-AW00576D.jpgSacred Contracts $39.95 $8.97
H-92495-1.jpgGiving Thanks$15.95 $4.97
HM-0892-1.jpgSelf-Awakening Yoga$24.95 $6.97
ST-AW00311D.jpgWho Are You? $19.95 $4.97
H-92710-1.jpgKabbalah Meditation$24.95 $3.97
HM-1594-1.jpgMatrix Meditations$19.95 $3.97
NHP-245334.jpgLiving Deeply$16.95 $4.97
12 inch singing bowlTibetan Singing Bowl 12"$189.00 $139.00
Chinese wall scrollFortune Scroll$79.00 $36.00
TL-3203-1.jpgHappy Buddha on Kirin$45.00 $24.00
shakyamuni buddhaShakyamuni Buddha$98.00 $39.00
Woman yoga figurineStatue - Lotus Pose$24.95 $8.97
TL-1845-1.jpgQuan Yin on Palm$45.00 $24.00


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