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Sale and Clearance!

Welcome to our Sale Page for Last Chance Deals, Clearance items, Discounts, and Discontinued merchandise.
New Kimono and Yukata at our Lowest Prices! Introducing "Open Bag" Kimono and Yukata.
These are real deals for budget shoppers, discount hunters, or anyone who appreciates a nice deal. Upgrade your lifestyle while saving money.

Why Were These Robes Opened?
These Kimono and Yukata were removed from their packaging but never worn. Robes are opened for a variety of reasons such as customs inspections, quality assurance reviews, or exhibits. The robes are handled with care, but the folds will not be as crisp and pressed as they are directly from the factory. These are new, unworn, and ready to wear. In the past, these garments were wholesaled to third-party dealers. Now we offer these to our customers so they can benefit from the savings. Since these are clearance-priced, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on Open Bag robes.

Shop this page for amazing savings on kimono, yukata, jewelry, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Buddhist Mala beads, and Jinbei for kids and ladies. Limited Availability: Secure your treasures before they disappear into the hands of another lucky shopper.

CZ-JC-889-1.jpgKids Jinbei - Shodo$29.00 $7.97
Bali inspired jewelryGolden Palms Earrings$24.00 $14.97
lily necklaceLily Necklace$19.00 $12.97
pendant earringsNaked Aspen Earrings$19.00 $13.97
elegant pendant necklaceOrchid Drop Necklace$22.00 $14.97
orchid necklaceOrchid Necklace$22.00 $14.97
Our selection of Specials changes randomly, but we always promise our customers some real deals and savings. Sale or clearance items may include Kimonos, Yukatas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Buddhist Mala Beads, Tabi Socks, and Jinbei. Shop today to get great discounts on special items!


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