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Zen Furniture and Home Decor Accessories

Find Oriental style furniture and Zen décor products. Find classic and modern combination of Japanese inspired furniture including Japanese style tea or coffee tables, futons and bamboo rugs.

Zen furniture is simple and elegant. Create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Chopa presents a wide range of Modern Japanese Furniture including Japanese Beds, zaisu chairs, and Japanese Coffee Tables. Shop for Japanese style furniture, décor and accessories online today.

slab wood side tableSlab Side Table$279.00 $249.00
mosaic wood end tableMosaic Table$189.00 $159.00
bamboo side tableBamboo Side Table$89.00 $69.00
modern side table2-Tier Side Table$99.00 $79.00
KC-PZC-1Padded Floor Chair $139.00 $69.00