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Zen Inspired Living. Zen Inspired Gifts. We offer a hand selected array of Japanese style clothing including, tote bags, Japanese T-shirts, beautiful sarongs, Japanese silk scarves, Asian inspired children's outfits and costumes, sun hats for outdoor protection, and designer umbrellas. When we find Japanese inspired clothing that is unique and believe it is functional, practical, and meaningful, we make it available to our customers.

Our tote bags and crossbody bags offer style and value. UPF rated Sun Hats from Wallaroo and California Hat Company provide sun protection in prolonged sun exposure. UV protected sun hats protect you from the sun's harmful rays. We carry versatile sarongs in beautifully designed patterns. Sarongs can be worn as a skirt, a cover up and even a shawl. We discovered Japanese silk scarves with museum quality designs. Our Japanese ichiban and kamikaze t-shirts are made of some of the softest cotton we have found. Everyone needs an umbrella and we were inspired by the unique designs we came across. Practical and meaningful gifts. After all, not everybody needs more electronics in their lives. Browse our wide selection of Asian inspired clothing. Enjoy!
CZ-JC993-1Child's Ninja Set$45.00 $25.00
K-59267-1.jpgSarong - Olive Green$14.95 $10.00
K-59415-1.jpgSarong - Purple $14.95 $10.00
K-59217-1.jpgSarong - Dolphin Blue$14.95 $10.00
K-59400-1.jpgSarong - Brown Spiral$14.95 $10.00
K-59201-1.jpgSarong - Blue Koi$14.95 $10.00
K-59204-1.jpgSarong - Aqua Blue$14.95 $10.00
CT-37WH-1T-Shirt - Kamikaze$19.95 $10.00
CS-485BW-1.jpgNaples Sun Hat$24.95 $7.97
Butterfly UmbrellaUmbrella - Butterfly$19.95 $12.00
Purple Cosmo UmbrellaPurple Cosmo Umbrella$24.95 $12.00
HF1419-1.jpgPink Dahlia Umbrella$24.95 $12.00
Womens Zinnia UmbrellaUmbrella - Zinnia$19.95 $10.00