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Wind Chimes

Woodstock Chimes Clearance Sale, SAVE up to 30% or more.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Wind Chimes within the lower 48 states.

Chimes and Wind chimes! Many believe Tibetan wind chimes can help ease depression with their gentle sounds. Feng shui wind chimes promote positive energy and are often used to control the flow of "chi" or energy in the area. The soothing sounds of chimes create a relaxed space so you can focus on good health and well being. Tibetan chimes are thought to bring bring good luck and prosperity.

We offer a wide variety of Tibetan Gongs, Japanese Rin Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Meditation Gongs, Meditation Bowls, Tingsha and Chakra Wind Chimes. Enhance your home or meditation space with Zen Decor and positive energy. Enjoy the gentle sounds of Wind Chimes in your home, patio, backyard, garden or other sacred space. Get ready for Zen Inspired Living .

WS-SSCSG-1.jpgSeaScapes Wind Chime $76.00 $56.00
Kyoto wind chimesChimes of Kyoto$48.00 $35.00
WSP-HC-1.jpgHealing Chime$70.00 $48.00
WS-DB-1.jpgDharma Cowbell$33.00 $22.00
WS-DCCB-1.jpgEncore Copper Bells$35.00 $24.00
encore wind gongEncore Wind Gong$65.00 $40.00
WS-CC7-1.jpgChakra Wind Chime$21.95 $15.00
We offer FREE SHIPPING on all wind chimes within the lower 48 states.