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FAQ Meditation

WHY MEDITATE? There are many reasons to meditate. Meditation has a calming effect and increases blood flow to the brain. Many experience increased energy after a meditation session. Studies have shown that meditation slows the effect of aging on the brain and increases gray matter which affects muscle control, emotions, sight, speech, hearing and thoughts. Practitioners experience an increased ability to focus. There are so many benefits of meditation including but not limited to: decrease in anxiety; stress reduction; increase in creativity; greater happiness; and an expanded sense of intuition. Experience personal transformation as you learn more about yourself. We wish you well on your journey!

HOW TO MEDITATE? Start slowly with a few minutes at the same time each day. Take a break and enjoy this time with yourself! Find a quiet space. Most beginners start with something to sit on such as a meditation cushion or bench. A meditation timer helps you focus on yourself without worrying about time. Keep your back straight. Your eyes can be open or closed. Cross your legs any way you can (you do not have to be a yogi!). Relax your hands any way you prefer - some rest palms down on knees while others make a circle with each thumb and another finger. Look slightly downward. Most importantly, find a comfortable position! So simply: get comfortable, start a timer, focus on breathing, and breathe naturally. Your mind will wander...when that happens, gently refocus on your breath as you breathe in and out. Keep focus on your breath until the timer sounds. If you have difficulty focusing count your breaths up to five, then start over. This will keep your mind still until time is up. These are simple steps to begin. You may enjoy staying at this level or trying other forms of meditation. Whatever you do... we wish you happy meditating!