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Tatami Mats and Goza Mats

Due to damage sustained from Hurricane Michael, we are out of stock of all Tatami and Goza Mats.

FREE SHIPPING on Tatami and Goza Mats (domestic 48 states, ground service)

Tatami mats have been used in Asian homes for centuries. Mats were originally used as tatami beds. In earlier times, tatami flooring was used by nobility, but is now commonly placed in homes, businesses, spas and meditation spaces across the globe. Tatami mats symbolize the beauty and aesthetics of Asian and Japanese style and home decor. These Premium Quality tatami mats are made with 100% traditional rice straw fill. We do not use any fillers, wood chips, foam or fiber board that many other mats on the market contain.

We offer a large selection of Tatami Mats for beds, floors, and rooms in six sizes. As a direct importer, we offer very competitive pricing and FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states. Please contact us for a quote to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. Our tatami mats are professionally packed and ship fully insured with tracking capability. We stock and ship our mats directly to you with little delay. Most orders ship within one business day. Depending on your location, transit times range between 2 and 6 business days.

Chopa Zen Home has been a leading supplier of Tatami Mats in the USA since 1994. Shop with confidence!

Our Premium Quality tatami mats are made by seasoned craftsmen in the Far East. The top of the tatami floor mats are covered with a finely woven igusa rush grass matting. Rice straw is sustainably harvested, sun-dried and then baked twice to cure and clean the fibers. This straw is woven and compressed to form the firm inner core of the mat. We do not add any pesticide powders inside of our mats. The Japanese style flooring mats feature a moisture barrier sewn into the bottom foundation. This helps to protect your tatami mat and increases the life span. Whether creating a meditation space, tea room, yoga space or a simple Zen room, we invite you to explore adding Tatami room mats to your home or work project. We also offer the very popular Goza Mat. Goza mats are lightweight and portable and can be used for meditation, yoga, exercise, floor covering or a beach mat.

Visit our online store to buy tatami mats for your sacred space. Quantity discounts are available on most Tatami mats.

Chopa Zen Home & Gift has been a trusted online provider of Tatami mats in the USA since 1994. Shop with confidence.