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Meditation Supplies

We are constantly looking for Dharma supplies and meditation tools to help you with your practice. Our meditation cushions and benches are some of the most reasonably priced online. Try itting directly on a zabuton meditation pillow, or pair it with a zafu. Another popular meditation tradition is to place a meditation bench directly on the zabuton mat for additional comfort and posture control.

woodstock zenergy chime soloZenergy Chime$10.95 $8.00
Awakening bellAwakening Bell$109.00 $89.00
TA-PRWLM-1.jpgTibetan Prayer Wheel$39.00 $19.00
WS-ZENE-1.jpgZenergy Chime Ebony$12.95 $8.00
CO-9068-1Insight Meditation$29.00 $20.00
Desk accessoriesDesk Zen Garden $16.95 $10.00