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Mala Necklace - Moss Agate

Moss Agate symbolizes a New Start or Fresh Beginnings.

Despite its name, moss agate is not agate but rather chalcedony with dendritic or branch-like structures of chrome and manganese. This produces beautiful shades of light and dark greens with hints of blue, black, grays and white. While moss agate is mainly used in decorative arts and jewelry, it is highly regarded among health and wellness practitioners as a healing tool.

This gorgeous stone is believed to bring harmony and clarity to your world, producing confidence and protecting against stress. It encourages grounding and reminds us to let go of the small stuff and focus on all that is good around us. This allows the energy of love to flow freely and to attract the love that you need.

This mala bead necklace is hand strung with 108 beads on a nylon stretchable cord. The malas measure 36" in circumference, using smooth polished, 8mm beads. Its finished with a 10mm guru bead, tied with an endless knot, symbolizing wisdom and holds two danglers each strung with 3 beads. Because natural beads are used, color may vary. A mala bag to store and protect your beads is included.

Product code : CZ-GMA

Price: $19.00

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