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Rikyu Japanese Tea Pot will help you celebrate the “Way of Tea”

Friday, March 12th, 2010

If you have ever wondered why the Japanese place so much importance on their formal tea ceremonies; or why their teapots look so much different than Western varieties, then learning about Sen no Rikyu, the “master of tea” himself, might fill in some of the blanks.  Rikyu’s memory is celebrated here in this beautifully crafted RIKYU Cast Iron Tea Pot.

RIKYU Cast Iron Tea Pot
RIKYU Cast Iron Tea Pot

Thanks to the 1989 movie, Rikyu, about the life of Sen no Rikyu during Feudal Japan, the world has gained more appreciation for Rikyu’s idealistic pursuit of aesthetic perfection in tea.  Because of this film, Rikyu has become a classic symbol for the “art of tea”.

The infamous Japanese tea ceremony, also known as the “Way of Tea” is a celebrated cultural tradition throughout Japan, which involves the ceremonial preparation of powdered green tea (chanoyu), all choreographed in something known as the “temae”.  The whole ceremonious presentation of tea in Japan places emphasis on the artful deliberation that characterizes Zen Buddhism.

This RIKYU cast iron Japanese teapot is a replica of the first ones used in Japan, when tea was still made over an open fire.  Many were designed to be hung over a hearth as a source of heat and humidity during winter months.  Hand-crafted in green cast iron with a bamboo pattern on the lid, this striking tea pot holds up to 45 fluid ounces, is 4” tall, and comes with a removable strainer inside.  It makes a unique addition to your kitchen or a wonderful gift!