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Relax and Reenergize with the Zenergy Chime Quintet

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

zenergy-chime-quintetThere is a certain sense of calm that emanates from a meditation chime, as if with each resonant gong a layer of stress peels off and slips away.  Perhaps this is why Eastern meditation techniques often include the use of a Meditation Chime to relax the mind, body and spirit.  By focusing on the energy of each powerful tone, Zen masters believe we can redirect our attention to our inner selves.

The Zenergy Chime Quintet shown makes a beautiful addition to any meditation room.  It can even be used in the office as a way to quiet the mind and tune out stress.  Each note is finely tuned to offer a clear and lovely harmonic tone, helping you achieve a perfect balance and meditative environment.

Chimes can be an invaluable tool to set the mood for your next meditation, or to center yourself before an energy healing session.  Meditative chimes create space between the outside world and the inner spirit, resonating in the quiet space within us.

For the best results, start by playing the chime softly, then take a deep breath and listen. The Zenergy Chime Quintet can help you relax, reenergize and focus.  Once your meditation session is complete, chime it again as a signal to become more grounded and centered.  Using a chime regularly will eventually produce a conditioned response of relaxation, and allow for a deeper state of meditation.

For best results, play the chime quietly. Then take a deep breath and listen. Used before a meditation, this helps to anchor your meditation to relax, refocus and re energize. Gently tap the chime after your meditation is complete to again anchor it in as you become centered and grounded. Chimes used regularly will help produce a conditioned response whenever you are meditating. When our body is in a state of relaxation, we are in a better position to heal.

This chime quintet is made from carbonized laminated bamboo, with five silver aluminum rods, and comes with a rubber mallet.  It makes a great gift for you or anyone who needs to relax, refocus and reenergize.